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How We Work:

If you are an investor, a Realtor representing a client, a “fix and flip” buyer, building a rental property portfolio, or if you are simply looking for a personal residence at a wholesale price, this site solves every problem associated with purchasing foreclosure properties in Arizona.

Terms of Sale Agreement

Submitting an offer:

Offers should be delivered via e-mail or telephone contact 602-443-0200. The e-mail should, at minimum containing the property address, tax parcel number, purchase price, the closing date and title vesting information. After we confirm that your e-mail offer has been accepted, you may submit on the standard AAR sales and purchase contract, we will attach our “as-is” addendum. We transfer title via Quit-Claim Deed.

Cash Purchase:

If you are purchasing a property for Cash, we do not require an Escrow or Policy of Title Insurance but if you feel the need for a policy of Title Insurace we are agreeable to it, provided the cost of that policy rests with you.

Debt Required:

If you are purchasing a property and a loan is required, you will most likely want to submit your offer on the standard AAR form contract. Along within your offer, please submit a pre-approval letter from the Lender who will be providing your funds.

Arrangement for payment:

Vacant Properties:

Arrangements for Payment on Vacant Properties should be made at the time the Offer is accepted. Buyers using must settle the transaction at the time of purchase with either cash or by utilizing Hard money.

Occupied Properties:

Arrangements for Payment on Occupied Properties should be made at the time the Offer is accepted. Buyers may use cash for their purchases or financing through one of our hard money lenders.

Response Time:

We can generally respond within hours to any offer we receive. Offers are considered in the exact order received

Removing a Property from the Market:

Properties are not considered removed from the market until full payment arrangements have been completed.

Closing Costs:

All closing costs are paid by the Buyer.


We have standard addendums that are a requirement for closing. These are very similar to “Bank Property” addendums. They are for liability purposes. Once we receive your offer, we will prepare the addendums and fax the documents back to you for countersignature.

Additional Info:

Inspecting Properties – Financing – Opinion of Value – Disclaimer – Privacy Policy – Buying and Selling Strategy Explained

See the contact page for contact information.

Offers can be in letter of intent form, or a standard AAR contract if you prefer.

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