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If you are an investor, a Realtor representing a client, a "fix and flip" buyer, building a rental property portfolio, or if you are simply looking for a personal residence at a wholesale price, this site solves every problem associated with purchasing foreclosure properties in Arizona.

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Realtor Information

We own or control all the properties listed for sale on the site. Our marketing and distribution methods offer "equal opportunity" for every subscriber, whether you are a direct Investor, or a Realtor representing a client. We are not "Consultants", we are not agents or Brokers and we do not charge "flip fees" or Commissions. If you are an agent looking for a client, you get the ENTIRE FEE.

Avoid Foreclosure

If you are a home owner facing foreclosure, we can help you! 

Get a Master Key

You can obtain a key to all vacant properties at the following address:

Parral Investments, LLC
2929 W. Indian School
Phoenix, Arizona 85017

Ask the receptionist for a copy of the SameDayHomes,  Master key. There is a short disclaimer you will be asked to sign and then you can keep the key forever, FREE OF CHARGE. All vacant properties are "keyed alike".